Jennifer Lyn Parsons

paladin. coder. writer. pagan. queer. autistic. crone. comic geek. tea snob. vegetarian.

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About Me

I’m a kid from New Jersey, a life-long lover of books. I still build blanket forts.

I taught myself how to write code and then found people who helped me get even better at it. I've been able to do it for a living for the last decade plus.

Before I figured that out, I was unemployed for a bit and created a literary journal magazine thing, Luna Station Quarterly.

And before that, I used to design websites and recruitment ads and manage a production team on a newspaper with 17 weekly editions. If you go back far enough on my LinkedIn you'll find the typical stint as a barista.

Along the way, I decided to write books and teach myself to knit and crochet. The comics and tea and video games get squeezed in there somewhere.

My grandmother would be proud of me. I’m never bored.