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Welcome to Woolgathering

Welcome to my digital garden. This is a place for me to gather both complete and incomplete thoughts on any topic that catches my interest. I've been sure to notate any document that's a work in progress.

There will likely be a lot of software development notes, but my interests are fairly wide ranging. I've broken things down by category. Most of what you'll find here are resource guides along with some context. More formal essays and articles are posted elsewhere. I also maintain a few lists of things like my current comic book and newsletter subscriptions.

A bit about me

paladin. coder. writer. pagan. queer. autistic. crone. comic geek. tea snob. vegetarian.

I’m a kid from New Jersey, a life-long lover of books. I still build blanket forts. I’ve flown a glider and played Carnegie Hall. I taught myself how to write code and then found people who helped me get even better at it. Now I get to do it for a living. Before I figured that out, I was unemployed for a bit and created a literary journal magazine thing. And before that, I used to design websites and manage a production team on a newspaper with 17 weekly editions. Along the way, I decided to write books and teach myself to knit and crochet. The comics and tea and video games get squeezed in there somewhere. My grandmother would be proud of me. I’m never bored.

Where to find me

I have a presence in a lot of different places, but if you start at one of these two sites, you'll find links to follow me everywhere else: